By - cb4il

Top Democrats wriggling about on the issue of pensions

Chicago Tribune

Excellent piece by Eric Zorn, hitting the nail on the head with lovely satire on the flip-flopping of our two biggest Democrat contenders for the governor’s race. Daniel Biss made it quite difficult to run as a Democrat, having sponsored the 2013 bill that attempted to overhaul public pensions with cuts (gasp) and changes (oh no!). Biss nearly falls over himself in apology, almost as much as Pritzker in his outrage over it. All pension considerations should come from a place of research and careful consideration of the facts, and as long as you have done that it should not be uncomfortable or difficult to explain your reasons for what you support or do not support. As new facts come to light, considerations may change and that’s fine. Unless you didn’t do your research, or your facts are not valid.

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