Illinois does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem. When elected, I will lead by example, cutting the Comptroller budget and publicizing how others’ can be similarly cut. Illinois also has reporting problem – the 2014 financial reports were published 257 days late, one of the worst in the nation. Both these problems hurt Illinois’ job environment. Who wants to invest in a state that can’t pay its bills or even report them on time? I will take a business approach to the Comptroller’s office and provide financial reports on schedule.

Illinois has a well-earned reputation for pay-to-play corruption. As Comptroller, I will clean up the reporting to make them clear and understandable. For example, funds designated for specific purposes, like preserving state parks, has been diverted to other uses. As a Libertarian, I answer only to the taxpayers of the state and will put a stop to slush funds and expose the hidden spending. Many people don’t know the state Comptroller also accepts financial reports from lower levels of government – which should also be clear and understandable. As Comptroller, I will reject them if they are not.

The Illinois checkbook is online, but provides no information about priorities – why some bills are paid and others deferred. Just to question one recent example, why was a political blogger paid, when social service agencies that assist the disabled were not? As Comptroller, I will publish a Table of Priorities, listing the order items are paid and why. Illinois taxpayers deserve to know who’s getting paid, and most importantly, why.