By - cb4il

Residents Leaving Southern Illinois In Droves

The outward migration of Illinois residents is not isolated to the City of Chicago, although with the high cost of living, and continual tax increases (I’m thinking of the recent Soda Tax, which went so badly our politicians actually ended it) it’s easy to believe it’s a Big City problem, but that’s sadly not the case. Whether it’s migration out of Peoria or Belleville, the reasons for leaving always seem to be the same – it comes back to the financial (un)health of the state. You can aggressively stay out of politics and still know that our state woes are financial in nature, built up over time, and continually ignored by those in charge. The best way out of this mess is and has been to bring people in with financial expertise and no political agenda. My only political agenda is to do what’s best for the people and do the JOB of comptroller.

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