By - cb4il

Berg: Election season in the land of shrinkin’

Detailed census data was released on March 22nd, showing that Illinois now follows Pennsylvania in most populous at #6. With our many museums, downtown attractions such as Millennium Park, and beautiful lakefront, we should not be losing residents at such a quick rate, but here we are. Austin Berg, author of this article, believes that in order to get people coming back to Illinois, there has to be a “cultural shift among voters” and a “complete re-imagining of what public service should be.” I agree. One cultural shift I see is that voters are actually looking at 3rd parties as viable options – and this trend needs to continue. The more people support and vote 3rd party, the more power is wrestled from the two established parties. It sends a clear message, growing bigger with every election – your party doesn’t matter anymore, your actions do, and we do not approve. #BeBoldVoteGold #QualifiedNotConnected

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