Hello there, and thank you for visiting my website! If you’re here, you’re probably considering voting for me in the Nov. 2018 election, so let me tell you a little about who I am. I’m a very upbeat and optimistic person, always looking for that silver lining in every cloud, and I love to make people laugh with terrible, terrible puns. I enjoy yoga, reading, hiking, shooting (paper targets only), and cuddling my wonderful cats. I am an absolute animal lover, and will be that person that goes to a party and spends more time interacting with the pets then the people.

I was born in Evanston, Illinois before being whisked away to live in the mountains of Santa Cruz California when I was three. Fast forward to eight years old and my parents split up, with the pendulum swinging my mother, sister, older brother and I back to Illinois where we lived with my grandmother in a little Chicago south-side Irish neighborhood called Mt. Greenwood.

I was home-schooled, thanks to a very liberal mother, all the way through high school. The end of summer only ever meant Halloween and my birthday were coming up, although back to school supplies were always fun. I started my “formal” education at a community college, still living in my grandmother’s home – and that’s where I met my future husband. He didn’t go there, but this was the age of AOL instant messenger. He and I connected through a friend he knew online, and we never looked back.

I went to DeVry University where I chose accounting as my major, based on the experiences of a relative whom I had never met, who spent her life as an accountant; her story inspired me. After a few accounting classes, I realized I enjoyed the concepts and work in my major. I had wonderful teachers who threw fantastically fun twists on topics that are traditionally dry and dull, and my enthusiasm for the subject grew from there. I finished with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in the spring of 2005, bought a home in Addison a few months later, and then went back in 2007 to get my Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance. I struggled keeping up with house payments, work, and school over the next few years and I’m happy to say we always persevered. Another milestone came when I passed and became a licensed Certified Public Accountant.

I currently work for a not-for-profit charter school company called Noble Network as a Senior Accountant, and every day I’m learning something new. I never thought of running for public office, and I still have a hard time calling myself a politician, but the more I became involved with my DuPage County Libertarian chapter, the more I learned about the political monopoly of the two parties, and the damage both sides have caused. I finally decided I couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore, and made my first campaign run for College of DuPage trustee in 2015, before eventually running for state Comptroller the following year.

Aside from the joys I shared above, I also love watching silent and golden era movies (with the occasional new release for variety), I love to go hunting in thrift stores; you can find gems if you’re willing to dig. I enjoy music and making videos when my husband and I have a great idea. When I have the chance, I love to go road–tripping and camping around the country. It is so fun driving around all over the U.S., finding those small towns, and meeting all the great people who live there.

So there is a little bit about me. Thank you for visiting my page and seeing what I have to offer. I hope my message of qualifications, accountability, and independence resonates with you as you explore my website. Off with you now, go check out my issues page!