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Elgin Independence Day Parade

From the Elgin Independence Day parade this weekend with the Fox Valley Libertarian Party, I did my best to keep the bickering two-party problem from taking all our earnings from us!


Illinois Policy

Illinois Policy has a brief overview of their findings from the new budget package, and it doesn't look good. There is little accountability for the continued funding of items that don't deliver the results they should, and the pension funding changes definitely sound suspicious to me. It's a good start before I jump into this 650 behemoth.

Illinois Senate nixes vetoes of budget plan with tax hike


Once the House passed this 2018 budget package, we knew it was over. The senate passed it yesterday, with a large enough majority to negate Governor Rauner's veto authority, which means we're stuck with footing at least $5 billion more in tax hikes. Happy Independence Day indeed.

The spending plan is 650 pages, so I haven't dug into it - yet - but it includes only $2.5 billion in spending reductions, uses the same old accounting tricks to make money look like it's doing what they say, and it's rumored to include raises. I don't trust this thing one bit. Yes, we need a balanced budget and we need it NOW but that doesn't mean we should allow the critical nature of this issue to cloud our judgement in assessing its merits. I'm going to dig into all 650 pages, sift through the accounting and break down what's actually happening, so stay tuned.

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